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3GPP Rel-8 Network Architecture

each reference point, network element and release feature has a link to an entry in the relevant glossary
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3GPP Rel-8 network architecture GBA architecture IMS architecture LCS architecture differences with the previous release Previous Release Next Release VLR HLR AuC EIR BSC BTS SIM A interface Abis interface Um interface B interface C interface D interface E interface F interface G interface H interface SGSN GGSN Gb Gc Gf Gi Gn Gn Gr Gs RNC NodeB UICC USIM IuCS IuPS Iub Uu Iur CS-MGW (G)-MSC Nb Nc Mc ISIM HSS AS IuPS IuCS ISC Sh Cx Gm 3GPP AAA Proxy/Server AF GANC GUP Server GAA/GBA Ut Ub Ua Zh Rp Rg A/Gb Up PCRF Gx Rx SCC AS OFCS OCS SPR ANDSF ePDG MME PDN-GW PDN-GW PDN-GW PCEF S-GW S-GW BBERF BBERF eNB I2 ISC SIP-I Nc Sv SGs S6d S6a SGi S10 S13 S16 S3 S4 S11 S5 S1-MME S1-U S12 X2 LTE-Uu Gn Gn Gz Gy Gx Gxa Gxb Gxc S9 SWx SWd SWm SWu SWn S14 S101 S102 S103 STa SWa S6b S2b S2a S2c EPC E-UTRAN eGTP SRVCC CSFB ICS ISC PNM MPS