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TS 03.19


Subscriber Identity Module Application Programming Interface (SIM API) for Java Card

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-  -  -  -  GSM R98
26 p.
  GSM R99
26 p.
Rapporteur:   HANS, Sebastian
Descendant:   TS 43.019     See also:   SIM-API-related TS/TR
This TS defines the stage two description of the Subscriber Identity Module Application Programming Interface (SIM API) internal to the SIM.

This stage two describes the functional capabilities and the information flow for the SIM API implemented on the Java Card 2.1 API specification.

This TS includes information applicable to network operators, service providers and SIM, server and database manufacturers.
full Table of Contents for PDF version:   R99.5
 1 Scope       p. 5Top
 2 References       p. 5Top
 3 Definitions and abbreviations       p. 6
3.1 Definitions       p. 6
3.2 Abbreviations       p. 6
 4 Description       p. 7
4.1 GSM Java Card Architecture       p. 7
4.2 Java Card Selection Mechanism       p. 8
 5 GSM Framework       p. 8
5.1 Overview       p. 8
5.2 GSM file data access       p. 8
5.3 Access control       p. 9
5.4 GSM low Level API       p. 9
 6 SIM Toolkit Framework       p. 9
6.1 Overview       p. 9
6.2 Applet Triggering       p. 10
6.3 Registration       p. 13
6.4 Proactive command handling       p. 14
6.5 Envelope response handling       p. 14
6.6 Handler availability       p. 14
6.7 SIM Toolkit Framework behaviour       p. 16
6.8 Usage of ViewHandler and EditHandler       p. 17
 7 SIM toolkit applet       p. 17
7.1 Applet Loading       p. 17
7.2 Object Sharing       p. 17
Annex A [N] Java Card SIM API       p. 18Top
Annex B [N] Java Card SIM API identifiers       p. 19Top
Annex C [N] SIM API package version management       p. 20Top
Annex D Toolkit applet example       p. 21Top
Annex E Change history       p. 24Top